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Michigan City Evening Dispatch, Friday, 16 November, 1923

Many Road Enthusiasts Participating in Official Opening of the Dunes Highway Today.
    The Dunes highway was officially opened this afternoon and dedicated to the public use.  The ceremonies took place at the junction of the two sections of the road near Baileytown and a large number of citizens from Michigan City, Gary and points along the line of the highway attended.  President Hess of the Dunes Highway association presided and introduced Captain H. S. Norton of Gary, who made the dedicatory address.  In his talk he reviewed the history of the Dunes highway movement and paid tribute to those who pioneered it.
    Michigan City road enthusiasts to the number of more than 100 left the chamber of commerce rooms at 12 o'clock today in charge of Captain George O. Reed, as major-domo, and drove to Gary, where they joined with the Gary boosters and returned over the highway to the junction point where the outdoor exercises were held.  The procession from Gary was led by the Gary police and the Gary band.
    After the address by Captain Norton the bronze tablet commemorating the event, and which had been erected alongside the road at the point where the exercises were held, was unveiled.  This tablet stands nearly four feet high and is imbedded in stone.  It bears the inscription:  "Short route between the Atlantic and Pacific.  Erected by Dunes Highway Association.  Official opening November 14th, 1923."  Then follows the names of the officers of the Dunes Highway association, as follows:  A. S. Hess, president; W. E. Jewell, vice-president; George B. Johnson, second vice-president; Z. B. Campbell, treasurer, and W. K. Greenebaum, secretary.
    After the dedication the entire party started for Michigan City under the guidance of Mr. Reed and they are expected to reach here about 4 o'clock.  At 6 o'clock a banquet will be given at the Spau
[portions of my old newspaper transcription files have been corrupted]
the enterprising people of that city to the extent of forming the Dunes Highway association.  This organization in turn interested the state highway commission in the project and today witnesses the dedication of one of the finest highways in the entire country.  This beautiful road is already the leading east and west artery between this city and Chicago and is destined to be one of the most popular thoroughfares out of that metropolis.  Its future value to Michigan City can not be estimated and its actual reality is the result of a "dream."  Let's have more dreams like this one.