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Where did the State of Indiana State Highway Commission mean by Baileytown?

Read the second line of Friday, 16 November, 1923, Michigan City Evening Dispatch and the third paragraph of Saturday, 17 November, 1923, Michigan City Evening Dispatch.
blueprint of Section A
Section ASection B
west of Baileytown detailBaileytown detail Section ABaileytown detail Section B
You might also look over Friday, 16 November, 1923, Gary Post-Tribune, Michigan City News, and Valparaiso Evening Messenger, Saturday, 17 November, 1923, Gary Post-Tribune, and Lake County Times.  I may eventually get the typos and corruptions taken care of and a couple other articles from Friday & Saturday, which were corrupted,converted into Web-pages. I also have dozens of other articles transcribed about the Dunes Highway. Maybe someday I'll get those on-line, too.